The Importance Of On Hold Music

January 29th, 2019 by admin

Man holding phone

What's worse than being put on hold? Getting put on hold only to be met with the distinct sound of silence and phone static. There aren't many things that will drive off your customers faster than being left on hold and being left with nothing. Studies have shown that unoccupied time feels longer than occupied time, which translates into callers with silence while on hold will often hang up within 40 seconds. Not the best way to keep customers now is it? Luckily there's an easy solution, sign up for our music on hold services.

By offering your customer something to listen to while they wait has been proven to increase caller retention. The music by itself is often effective at engaging your customers while they are on hold, and it can help calm feelings of anxiety which can improve customer satisfaction. It can be the difference between someone being angry with customer service out of frustration and being understanding since they've felt that they haven't been on hold for so long. That's why we offer over 40 background songs and four voice talents. You'll be able to find what your business needs with either a basic plan or professional plan.

Sometimes the little things matter, and what your customers are left listening to on hold is one of those things. Never leave your customers in silence, sign up for our Customized Music On Hold Services so that your customers have something to listen to while they wait.

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