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February 28th, 2017 by admin

Newcomb Academy Foundation, Making a Difference

Over our 30 years of work in the communications and IT industry, we here at BPD have developed some important relationships with other organizations in the community. We believe it is important to give back to local families and participate in community efforts. This is why we have been involved with the Long Beach Basket Brigade and Newcomb Academy Foundation. Both require time and resources outside of the usual business hours. We want to use this blog post to share some of these efforts.

Our President Randy Ellis has been the chairman for the Newcomb Academy Foundation (NAF) Golf Classic for two years. They were able to raise $69,000 with their 11th Annual Golf Classic! The NAF and its fundraising efforts aim "to pay for expanded enrichment programs for all students at Newcomb Academy" as stated by the foundation. BPD has been involved with the NAF in various ways for 10 years now and looks forward to more collaboration in the future!

Every Thanksgiving since 2005, the Long Beach Basket Brigade works together to raise funds and create baskets of food for local families in need. BPD team members regularly volunteer with the fundraisers, assembling baskets, and coordinating efforts. The Basket Brigade is part of the Anthony Robbins' Foundation International Basket Brigade - helping struggling families around the world.

We hope that our efforts will continue to help the community and encourage others to become active locally.

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