Are Used Business Phone Systems a Good Deal?

March 20th, 2014 by admin

Used, reconditioned or refurbished business telephone systems offer a cost-effective option for businesses looking to have one. It does come with a risk, being a used system, there is general wear and tear, concerns with warranty and availability of technical support. While it does offer savings, is it really a good deal?

Here are some things to consider if you are in the market for a business telephone system:

What is the history of the phone system?

A used phone system does not necessarily have a written report about prior ownership, unlike a car or a home. There is no telling what the issues and technical problems the system has. This can lead to poor call quality or dropped calls that will affect the way you do business. If you are decided on buying a used phone system, go to a trusted source like a manufacturer or a trusted distributor. Do your homework, look at reviews and look for a proven track record of selling to ensure that they can offer high quality business telephone systems.

Consider the Warranty, Support and Replacement Parts

More often than not, a used telephone system does not come with a warranty, especially if it is an older model or if you got it off eBay or Craigslist. This can cost you more than you bargained for in terms of services, repairs and replacement parts. Often, manufacturers no longer provide warranty or produce parts for older models. When you buy your business telephone system, ask for the year the equipment was manufactured and if the necessary parts are still available, in case you need them.  A reputable distributor or manufacturer should be able to offer you some assistance and a limited warranty, at least for the first year.

What about tech support?

Technology has its quirks and at one point or another you are going to need help from your equipment manufacturer. You will need technical support to help you resolve issues about your phone systems. Unlike a new business telephone system, used ones rarely come with technical support. This can cause glitches, irate customers, unnecessary down time and loss of productivity. This can have a negative impact on your business and revenue. Look for a vendor who can offer you maintenance, service and support when unexpected issues arise.

What phone functions do you need?

Consider your business needs and the type of features and functions you will need in a business telephone system. Older models will definitely not have the same robust and advanced features a new system has. What type of service do you offer? Do you simply need to take and answer calls? Will you need digital tools such as presence managers or voicemail to email functions? Does it have call reporting data features you can use to improve your business?

Keep in mind that newer systems offer features that can do more than the basic phone features, they can actually streamline your business process and ultimately pay for themselves.

Is the system easy to configure?

Regardless of whether your system is new or old, it has to be easy to configure and it has to be user-friendly. It will not provide you the benefits you need if you can’t configure it properly. A used telephone system can sometimes pose a privacy issue, if not configured properly, it can still use the VOIP system of the previous owner. Reconfiguring the system successfully is possible, but in cases that it cannot be done, getting a new system can be an expensive necessity.

Cost saving on a used business telephone system can be substantial but you also have to factor in the cost of technical services, repairs, replacements and the ease of use. Buying a used system can turn into a good deal if you are looking to save money and if you purchase your system from a trusted vendor who is certified, and can offer you maintenance and service packages to assist you after the sale.

Used phone systems combined with a monthly Maintenance or Service plan is still the best overall value purchase. Business Phones Direct is now focusing on selling more new equipment versus used equipment. Most VoIP system manufactures have not reached the refurbished market yet and the used VoIP equipment price has not dropped low enough to make a large difference in price. We always recommend a new system unless a customer has a budget that cannot be met with new pricing.  Buying used or refurbished equipment can only be of long term value when buying from a company who has been certified and guaranteed.

Richard Valle, Jr., Business Phones Direct

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