Backup & Cloud

File Sync

Mobility has taken the business world by storm. Today, your clients need anytime, anywhere access to their corporate data, along with multiple deployment options for private or public clouds. eFolder cloud file sync technology enables secure, anytime syncing on any device. Any file type, any size, with sizable storage included.

File Collaboration and Sharing

Sharing has gone beyond social media. Highly distributed organizations and remote users need to stay in sync with colleagues, business partners, and customers without compromising their security and data privacy. Unlocking remote teamwork and collaboration requires a solution with File Server Enablement, file locking and versioning, groups, and Active Directory integration. The eFolder solution allows businesses to cloud-enable their file server and minimize dependence on FTP and VPN.

Mobility and BYOD

Smart devices and near-universal broadband make employees more productive than ever. In most organizations today, employees bring their own mobile devices and tablets (BYOD) into the workplace. Now more than ever, private and work data are co-mingling, creating privacy, data leakage and security concerns. How can you ensure your clients collaborate safely in this newfound mobile world? By providing business-class sync solutions that fit an array of client platforms and use cases.

Data Protection

Data is the lifeblood of every business and data loss can have multiple harmful impacts. eFolder provides a broad array of data protection solutions, leveraging powerful software and the cloud to protect data across different systems and platforms, including on-premises infrastructure and cloud applications. Data in the eFolder Cloud is encrypted, secure, and rapidly recoverable.

SaaS Data Management

As more organizations adopt SaaS applications in the cloud, sensitive corporate data often becomes siloed among multiple departments and applications, hindering corporate data governance and internal discovery needs. eFolder offers comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup with instant full-text search, de-siloing SaaS data and returning visibility, control, and governance to administrators or MSPs.

Business Continuity

Achieving uninterrupted business operations requires protection against a host of possible business outages, including everyday disasters such as hardware failures as well as site-wide disasters such as fires, floods and other natural disasters. eFolder fosters end-to-end business continuity through the deployment of powerful image-based backup software, combined with backup and recovery in the cloud. Now recovery can happen anywhere, either on-site or in the cloud. Fast and agile, it's based on client needs and can adapt as business requirements evolve.

Cloud Recovery

When disaster strikes, the costs of downtime can be staggering. To minimize risk, eFolder's cloud recovery solutions can virtualize and run client servers securely on an emergency or as-needed basis in the eFolder Cloud. Scalable and always available, eFolder cloud recovery helps MSPs ensure uptime and resiliency – no matter what challenges your clients face.

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